Replacement for Samsung SC-DX100 Battery Charger - Lithium-ion Battery Chargers for Samsung SC-DX100

Samsung SC-DX100 Car Chargers
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  • Model: Samsung SC-DX100
  • Charger Type: Lithium-ion Battery Charger
  • Input Voltage: AC 100V-240V
  • Output Voltage: DC 4.2V/8.4V,600mAh
Product Description

Samsung SC-DX100 Battery Charger - The perfect little charger at the perfect little price. Keep this convenient Samsung SC-DX100 battery charger in your car at all times. The small, portable charger charges Samsung SC-DX100 battery by plugging into a car's cigarette lighter socket. Perfect for business travel or while on vacation.

Take this Samsung SC-DX100 charger kit. The Samsung SC-DX100 charger is compatible with the international power supply of 100V - 240V AC. This charger uses a fold out plug to keep it compact. Keep your Samsung camcorder fully juiced anywhere, anytime with this compact charger.

-International power supply compatible with 100V - 240V AC. Car charger adapter included.
-Smart LED charging status indicator.(Red: Charging, Green: Fully Charged).
-Small, sleek design makes it convenient to carry or pack in a bag.
-1 year warranty!
-Note: We will ship the correct power cord and travel plug according to your country standard.

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Samsung SC-DX100 Battery

Samsung SC-DX100 Batteries
  • Samsung SC-DX100 Camcorder Battery
  • The Samsung SC-DX100 rechargeable camcorder battery charges in three hours or less with the Samsung SC-DX100 charger!
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Samsung SC-DX100 Compatible With Battery Codes:

Samsung IA-BP80W battery, Samsung IA-BP80WA battery,

Samsung SC-DX100 Charger Fits Models:

Samsung SC-D381, Samsung SC-D382, Samsung SC-D383, Samsung SC-D385, Samsung SC-DX100, Samsung SC-DX103, Samsung SC-DX105, Samsung SC-DX200, Samsung SC-DX205, Samsung VP-D381, Samsung VP-D391, Samsung VP-D392, Samsung VP-DX100i, Samsung VP-DX105i, Samsung VP-DX200,