Replacement for Sony a NEX-5 Battery - NP-FW50 Battery Pack Power for Sony Alpha NEX-5 Digital Camera

Sony a NEX-5 Battery Pack
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  • Model: Sony a NEX-5
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Voltage: 7.2V
  • Capacity: 1080mAh
Product Description

Sony a NEX-5 Digital Camera Battery - Compact and powerful, the Sony a NEX-5 digital camera's Lithium-ion battery offers excellent shooting and playback power. Ensure you always have plenty of shooting power with the NP-FW50 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. Designed to fit your Sony Alpha NEX-5 digital camera, a spare battery pack is perfect for travel or extended photo sessions.

With an additional battery for Sony a NEX-5 you will never miss a shot caused by an empty battery. Perfect for longer shootings or while travelling without a possiblity of recharging. The Lithium-ion technology eliminates the memory effect you find in the Sony a NEX-5 rechargeable batteries, so you can charge at any time, regardless of the amount of power remaining. The high-performance ultra-compact and lightweight Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack for exclusive use with Sony a NEX-5 digital camera.

-Standard capacity of 1080mAh, Standard voltage of 7.2V.
-Sony a NEX-5 Lithium-ion batteries, have no "memory effect" which can reduce the usable power of the battery over time.
-Perfect for longer shootings or portrait shooting with the Sony a NEX-5 battery.
-100% compatible with OEM battery.
-1 year warranty!
-Note: We will ship the correct power cord and travel plug according to your country standard.

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Sony a NEX-5 Battery Charger

Sony a NEX-5 Chargers
  • Charger for Sony a NEX-5 Battery
  • Perfect for travel, the Sony a NEX-5 portable charger is the ideal solution to keep your Sony a NEX-5 digital camera battery charged.
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Sony a NEX-5 Compatible With Battery Codes:

Sony NP-FW50 battery,

Sony a NEX-5 Battery Fits Models:

Sony a NEX-3, Sony a NEX-3A, Sony a NEX-3D, Sony a NEX-3K, Sony a NEX-5, Sony a NEX-5A, Sony a NEX-5D, Sony a NEX-5K, Sony a NEX-5N, Sony a NEX-5ND, Sony a NEX-5NK, Sony a NEX-5NY, Sony a NEX-7, Sony a NEX-7K, Sony a NEX-C3, Sony a NEX-C3A, Sony a NEX-C3D, Sony a NEX-C3K, Sony a NEX-C5, Sony a33 DSLR, Sony a35 DSLR, Sony a55 DSLR, Sony SLT-A33, Sony SLT-A33L, Sony SLT-A33Y, Sony SLT-A35, Sony SLT-A35K, Sony SLT-A35Y, Sony SLT-A55, Sony SLT-A55V, Sony SLT-A55VL, Sony SLT-A55VY,